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Whether motivated by a personal grudge, a political difference, or a business relationship gone bad, damaging communications can be rapidly disseminated across the Web before the victimized party can begin to respond. Web surfers doing related searches can quickly locate offensive postings in the search engines as they rise to the top rankings. We've seen attacks on high-profile companies such as Microsoft and Dell, but the list of victims is long and represents virtually all industries.

It's rather hard to maintain good reputation in business, and as for the Internet reputation, it is even harder. Internet is a powerful field for communication, and it's easy to find reviews about one or another company, be they positive or negative. And bad news spread here even faster than offline..

Despite the risk, there just aren't a lot of other options when it comes to clearing your name online. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 provides immunity to sites so the hosts are not responsible for what users post there, and it's often difficult, if not impossible, to track down the anonymous culprits behind the offending material. And even if the libelous or defaming posts come from the host himself, it can be costly to drag these cases into court.

Reputation Repairmen are Effective

The reputation-repair industry is already looking toward the next step in image control: forging your own online legacy before someone else does. "We're now encouraging a proactive approach, building a wall of positive content so if negative stuff comes along, it has a harder time rising to the top," says International Reputation Management's Nino Kader. This means publicizing your own positive news, awards, community service, school honors to preempt bad news or bad press.